Headaches and Migraines Testimonials

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Chinese (Mandarin) Testimonial - Headache relief!

Headaches and Migraines Relief!

Testimonial by Sandy H.

I have experienced daily headaches and neck pain for the past couple of years. I always felt like I had a ton of weight on my neck/shoulder, and it became difficult to have a good night sleep. Most of it was caused by stress from work. I'd tried daily stretching and exercise; monthly massages; and consulted a physical therapist who taught me some ergonomics and posture correcting. Nothing seemed to really fix the underlying problem until I came across a groupon for LS&H Chiropractic.

LS&H runs an efficient office - quick intake, thorough assessment, and counseling was done within 1.5 hr. My first adjustment was soo life-changing; my headache instantly disappeared and no longer feel lethargic. It was a very well spent $15. Fortunately, my insurance covers chiropractic, so i'm able to come back regularly for a quick fix.

Dr Bob is my primary chiropractor, and i've also seen Dr. Latch. Both of them are extremely knowledgeable and professional. All of my adjustment visits are done within 20 min.

The only thing I dread about is parking around this area. Even meter parking tends to be full. There's usually more parking on Franklin than Van Ness.

Testimonial by Sharon H.

I was having neck pains and headaches every day for over a year. Possibly because I sit in front of a computer all day but I think more so because I use to ride the muni every day to and from work so that's almost an hour total of me sleeping dangling my head and when I wake up my neck always felt sore. At one point I had such bad migraine and stiff neck that I couldn't even go to work for a week because the pain was so strong that I felt nauseous. I went to see the doctor and all they did was give me painkillers which we all know doesn't really fix the issue but hide it. Anyways, so I finally tried to do something about it and went into see Dr. Candice So.

It turned out that because of whatever I've been doing, the curvature of my neck was messed up hence pinching some nerves and causing my daily headaches. It's been a few months now since I've been going in to see Dr. So and I feel much much better. I think just after the first few weeks my headaches were already gone!

Also, Dr. Candice So is always really nice and she totally makes me feel comfortable while she's adjusting me :)

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